As a leader in the packaging marketplace, EA is recognized for our expertise in home goods for a reason: our reputation is founded upon relationships spanning over twenty years with textile manufacturers. Our packaging can be found in most major national retail chains as well as specialty boutiques. As a backbone for the industry, we service our customers both domestically and abroad, from design and development through manufacturing and warehousing. From the largest order to the smallest, our first and foremost our goal is to provide reliable, consistent, quality packaging that lets your product shine.

Whether for retail sale or promotional purposes, small is a big deal when it comes to pouches and cosmetic cases. We offer a range of materials, textures and details to enhance your brand identity: from the opulence of a luxury fragrance or the sleek minimalism of a contemporary brand, we have the right look for your products.

Sturdy and reliable materials are key when providing goods that need to work double duty. Our strength and stress testing ensures stitching will hold and vinyl won't crack in changing weather conditions. Organizational products are on the rise and we take pride in engineering attractive, reliable goods you can stand behind.

The details make the difference and add personality to a brand. We offer a wide range of natural and manmade textile materials in order to bring your ideas to life. Specialty trims, custom zipper pulls, screen-printing and embroidery are just a few of the ways to customize packaging and distinguish your product from the pack.

EA's mission statement is built upon the belief that mindful and conscientious manufacturing is not only our civic responsibility, but also necessary in moving towards a clean future. With that in mind, EA joined with the US China Center Design Team in laying a roadmap towards safe, sustainable and cost effective manufacturing materials for mass production. EA's commitment to green initiatives extends beyond offering sustainable raw materials, but also in our approach to systems and operations in order to mitigate the impact of manufacturing on the environment.